‘Beautiful’ blast off for band

IN ORBIT: The Rangers of the Universe are Simi Price (left to right), Steve Squelch, Scott Nash and Jason Maljers. Picture: Melinda McMillanFOR Scott Nash every moment counts. The bass player from Rangers of the Universe was diagnosed with a brain tumour 17 years ago.

The father of twohas since undergone four operations at the hands of surgeon Charlie Teo to remove tumours.

“He basically saved my life,” Nash said.

“After the last time, I thought ‘I have to get off my arse and do something because I don’t know how long I have got.’”

“Life is too short to waste…time.”

“It really chucks in a couple of nice sparks, it’s fairly, in a strange way, inspirational. You tend not to put [things] off, you just get off your butt.”

After the last surgery Nash spent his recovery at home writing about 80 songs.

Those songs have become the backbone of Rangers of the Universe.

Nash says the band is still embryonicbut already there is a great vibebetween its members. Rangers of the Universehas played four gigs. The first gig, at the Lass O’Gowrie, was well received.

“It was like I’m throwingeverything on the floor and it could have got stomped on,” Nash said.

But after the first song Nash knew they were doing okay.

“Personally, it was a beautiful, beautiful experience to get through the whole growing thing, get to the first gig and then watch the crowd,” he said.

“It was a genuine, sweet, passionate response to the show…itwas awesome…a life changing moment.”

See them at The Hamilton Station Hotel, on July 17.

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