Keys to breathing properly during exercise

A frequently asked question amongst the Ladies in my most recent fitness group is “why do we get so puffed?”

It make sense right? You start running and you get out of breath!

Have you ever thought of why?

Is it because you have hit you limit? Is it your poor posture? Are you tired? Perhaps your nutrition isn’t as good as it could be?

When we start running our body will go through a series of chain reactions and without getting to technical I am going to try to explain why.

When we start exercise whether it be running, swimming, weights or cycling. It will be the hardest part of the work out, this is due to the instant decrease of oxygen available in the body.

Our heart has to beat faster to keep up with the supply and increased demand of oxygen to the muscles needs to continue exercise. As we settle into a rhythm our breathing begins to get easier.

This is because our lungs have finally caught up with the demand from the heart and ultimately the muscles.

Sometimes that breathless feeling is relentless, this can be a result of pushing too hard from the start.

We have an aerobic (with oxygen) energy system and an anaerobic energy system (no oxygen) if we work into that anaerobic system for too long we will ultimately be using glucose stores for quick energy and feel depleted and flat not being able to maintain the pace for very long.

My coach has thrown around the saying “go slow fast”. Initially I couldn’t understand why?

The theory made no sense to me. Twoyears later fourcourses and some private investigation, I understand.

If you start too fast you will be using an energy system without oxygen as previously stated, staying in this zone will see you use stored energy and leave you fatigued and short of breath, if we continue to work at this rate, with muscle depletion you will find yourself wanting to walk/pull back the intensity.

Without an adequate warm up and by pushing too hard you will be deprived of oxygen and feel that breathlessness you feel. Simply slow it down.

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