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TINKERING WITH HEALTH: A local nurse says changes flagged to the Medicare system will leave a gaping hole in the health system.An ungodly stanceSYLVIA Mulholland (“Stop the gender benders, DA, May 31),I must say that as an Australian Christian, I am embarrassed by your ignorance and lack of compassion for fellow human beings.

In my Bible, love, compassion and non-violence towards fellow human beings are at the crux of religious practice.

But as religious extremists so often prove, religious texts are open to interpretation, and those interpretations are then used to justify ignorance and bigotry,rally others to join crusades of fear,and perpetrateinjustices.

Your fear of gender equality obviously scares you to the point that you felt the need to spread your ignorance and rally others to your cause.

The idea that you believe that certain political parties are out to question women’s gender is laughable.

If you are so threatened by our children learning that it is not ok to bully others because they are different, then don’t send your children to that school.

It is quite simple really.

But then you may as well home-school your children because they will learn concepts such as the earth is round and revolves around the sun, which was considered heresy by the church in the past.

Ignoring human diversity and seeking to continue to promote fear, ignorance and bigotry in our schoolsonly seeks to propagate those negative beliefs, and reinforce them as normal, acceptable behaviours.

As the old adage goes” ignorance begets further ignorance.

Your statement that the “gender fairy” is at work is blasphemous to say the least.

If we are to understand you correctly, God is the one who bestows gender upon us.

This suggestsyou believe God is nothing more that a mere fantasy; a fairy who bestows on others wishes akin to the fairy godmother in Cinderella.

And since God created us all in his own image, it suggestsGod has no gender at all, or is at the very least, both male and female at the same time.

The future of our nation rests in the hands of our precious children.

We want our children to be intelligent, free-thinking individuals who are mature-minded,who are accepting of the diversity of humankind,who are rational, compassionate and peaceful,and who can lead us forward instead of backwards.

Please keep your hatred, ignorance and blasphemy to yourself.

Brett ElliottWaggaNurses take a standI’M A nurse – I care and I vote.

I’m very concerned that the massive cuts to future health funding are going to tie my hands as a nurse even further.

The freeze on Medicare rebates and costs for screening tests is going to put even more pressure on hospital staff.

I’m worried that penalty rates are at risk. The lack of staffing in aged care is unfair to our elderly and again puts even more pressure on hospitals.

This election, I want politicians to listen to nurses and support the health system – we care and we vote.

Julie ChoiWaggaTaxing times for allTHERE been a lot ofdiscussion on the subject of tax collection recently.

It’s important we remember that from the time of the ancient Greek philosophers who wrote on the subject, all kings, emperors and dictators and the like have found it almost impossible to get anything from those who are rich and powerful.

That’s a reality we cannot ignore and continues to the present day.

A consumption tax is supposed to go some way to counter the problem but it seems to have not made much difference.

Chris MaddenLockhartThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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