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CHAOS: Golden Square resident Steve Ling has some ideas for easing the chronic congestion at one of the CBD’s busiest intersections. Picture: GLENN DANIELSFrustration at pedestrian crossingsAs a regular road user of the roundabout at Mitchell Street and Railway Place I get frustrated by the traffic congestion caused by the pedestrian crossings located at the exits of the roundabout, especially after a train arrives and the passengers are guided toward the CBD (I know the roadworks are not helping).

I believe that if these roundabouts were removed, traffic would not get blocked up in the roundabout.

Pedestrians could easily walk approximately 50m further down Mitchell Street and cross at the traffic lights. Perhaps the pedestrian crossing at Railway Place could be moved back approximately 50m to the rear of bus bays 10 and 11.

This could probably provide enough reason to remove the pedestrian crossing in the middle of the railway station car park.

My personal opinion is that this would provide a better flow of traffic through this intersection as vehicles would not enter the roundabout only to have to stop in the roundabout before exiting due to pedestrians.

Steve Ling, Golden SquareLabor Party not advancing Australia’s interestsThe Labor government has left behind an economic mess.

Rather than advancing Australia, it has brought it down to a lower level.

Instead of having a bright future, we now have a huge foreign debt to pay off and worries, how to make a recovery.

In order to gain votes, Labor government was turning blindeye towards illegal immigrants and allowing people of all sorts to come in.

Due to the fierce competition between political parties for ethnic votes, our way of life is gradually changing.

There are too many migrants coming in too fast, to assimilate properly with the rest of population.

From a once united nation, Australia is being converted into a continent, divided into many ethnic groups.

Our national security has become weakened by some newcomers, who are bringing in grievances from their native countries.

Our national assets and natural treasures are being scooped by international cartels, which are taking advantage of our infighting and disunity.

Countries, that have failed to occupy Australia during World War II, are establishing footholds in the country, by using a more sophisticated kind of warfare.

Jiri Kolenaty,RushworthDeparting council director will be missedI wish to congratulate Darren Fuzzardonhis appointment as the chief executive of Mount Alexander Shire.

It is a great gain for them but asaddayfor Bendigo counciland the communityas Darren, in my opinionwith my dealings with him, was the best director the council has hadfor many yearsdue to his honestyandstraightforward replies to any questions put to him, a very rare trait these days.

We can only hope that hereturns to Bendigo council in the future.

Robert K Smallpage, HuntlyFighting fire with firePoliticians are good at fanning fires but not very good at putting them out.

Paul Smith, MaldonLetterscommenting onelectionissues must bear the name and full address of the writer(s). Responsibility forelectioncomment in this issue is accepted by Bendigo Advertiser editorNicoleFerrie, 67-71 Williamson Street, Bendigo. Writers should disclose any alliance with political or community organisations and include their telephone number for verification.Electioncandidates should declare themselves as such when submittingletters.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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