Make your mark with labels

Start small: Labeling items is a great way to keep stock of what you have. Labels are particularly useful for school or work equipment.LET’S be honest, most of us have a container in the pantry full of some ingredient that hasn’t been used because we forget what it is.

Imagine if you had placed a label on that? Oh, the food you could have made (maybe).

Labeling things might seem old-fashioned, but it could save you time and money, especially in the kitchen.

Most parents make sure their children’s lunchboxes, pencil cases, jumpers, glue sticks, scissors, etc, are labelled.So why not take the same approach at home?

There are plenty of label makers on the market, or if you want to get creative you could buy some stickers and a marker for a more personal touch.By labeling kitchen items and ingredients you could save yourself money.

This is because labelled items are easier to take stock of, saving you from buying more self-raising flour when you know for sure thatthere is a container full of it in the cupboard.

It is also a great time saver.Labels are best made short and sweet so they are an easy read.The home office can also benefit from some labeling.

Creating folders for receipts, bills and other important household documents, and labeling them as such,can make them easier to locate in the long run.

This could also help children to organise their study notes during exam times.Labels can also be used in the laundry, bathroom and garage to keep things organised.

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