Short Takes

I HAVE recently been made aware of the movement to clean up Scrubby Creek. I am familiar with the creek for I have grown up on a street adjacent to Lake Macquarie Fair. I used to think that this little creek and strip of woods was a paradise; or almost, if it were not for all the pollution. The possibility to see the creek clean and flowing is tremendously exciting. From the eyes of an adventurous little girl, this place is a treasure, and one that is worth protecting.

Grace Mulder,Mount HuttonJUSTsaw an advertisement for a new high rise apartment block going up in Newcastle citycentre. I hope they are allowing for earthquake events in their planning and building processes. Hey, it’s happened once, it can easily happen again.

Rob Brollo,MetfordIN reference to David Glover’s letter (Letters, 10/6), which was in reply to mine,I note that he also lives at Rankin Park likeAnn and Paul.I must be travelling on a different rail system as I recently went to Woy Woy with several friends and we all found a seat together. If commuters have their bags on a seat you can politely ask for them to be removed. You have stated “Newcastle” deserves better, what would you like? I’ve been travelling on the trains since the 1950s and I can see a big difference.

June Fletcher,West WallsendUNBELIEVABLE on one hand the government wants us to work until we are 70 and on the other hand a largeelectricity company wants to put off all their over 55 workers.

Debra Forbes,WickhamAS a bystander who has been at the locationwhen police have used their guns with lethal results I am able to appreciate the urgency of the situation the police face and the need for them to take decisive action.

Geoff Starke,CardiffATa time when every dollar counts in the government’s spending plans, I think the decision by both major parties to commit to the largest spend on military armament seen in this country’s historyshould be reassessed. Especially with the knowledge of just how fast technology is advancing. AsKim Beasley’s warning given when speaking at a defence summit recently that these submarines and (I would add) the J.S. fighters, could be almost obsolete before their completion date.

Allan Earl,ThorntonREGARDING the story ‘350 jobs gone at Ingham’s(Herald,9/6) this is on topof the parent company returning a $5 billion profit. Malcom Turnbull continually boasts aboutcreatingjobs. Must be “jobs for the boys” in parliament. Certainly none for the average Australian worker.

Ken Harvey,Warners BayTHE POLLSHow many stars would you give the Junction Hotel?

5 64%,4 18%,3 3%,2 3%,1 12%Do you agree with the sale of the land?

Yes 20%,No 80%Do you think Ingham’s made the wrong social call?

Yes 62%,No 38%

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