The Greens and a red flag on parliament

Roz Ward, co-ordinator of Safe Schools.If you vote for The Greens in the coming election, you are voting to have the Safe Schools same-sex teachings imposed on your children – no choice, no parental input, your school will have to participate.

Asked about no parental permission, Roz Ward, co-ordinator of Safe Schools said, “Tough!”

Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop, Anthony Fisher, has described The Greens’ policies as “nasty” and contravening “basic moral standards”.

I’m not a Catholic, but I am pleased that at last a church leader is prepared to lead.

InThe Australianhe condemned the Safe Schools program as even more radical and dangerous social engineering than same-sex marriage.

He went on to say that Safe Schools was foisting an extreme form of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex) agenda on children.

He also went on to condemn The Greens’ support for removal of religious exemptions, which is important to the likes of Ms Ward if they are to have their way.

Ms Ward is a prominent figure in Victoria’s Marxist movement. Marx had nothing to say about gender fluidity, but a lot to say about the state undermining the family unit. All this gender fluidity propaganda is just a front for a desire to change society by corrupting our children.

She praised the Victorian government for raising the rainbow flag over parliament house – itself a sign of things to come if we get a Labor/Greens government. She then used Facebook to say, “Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state parliament and get a red one up there and my work is done.”

There was a kerfuffle about the red flag. She was temporarily suspended by La Trobe University, and forced to resign from her Victorian government advisory role. That was window dressing, because La Trobe and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews were well aware of her radical agenda.

So Ms Ward, co-ordinator of Safe Schools, shows her true colours. When a red flag is flying over each school and families have been undermined by her radical teachings, will she be satisfied?

And it gets worse. The Greens have pledged to remove longstanding safeguards for churches from Australia’s anti-discrimination laws.

The Greens would force church schools to teach the same-sex Safe Schools program, and employ people who may not share the school’s basic beliefs.

Parents are entitled to expect that if they choose a religious education for their children, that their school would have teachers who reflect that religious ethos. Not if The Greens get their way!

While Bill Shorten has tried to distance Labor from The Greens’ extreme policies, we have become accustomed to him saying whatever the moment requires. Labor’s national policy platform calls for a review of religious exemption from discrimination law, and anyway, let’s be frank: if Labor wins, they will almost certainly have to govern as a Labor/Greens Government.

Our religious freedoms will be gone.

I double-checked my facts. The 2011 Census showed that 1.2 per cent of Australians identify as gay or lesbian.

Same sex couples represented about 1 per cent of all couples.

Mark Latham is quoted as saying that one of the tactics of political correctness is to brand anyone expressing mainstream views as a bigot.

I am proud to be part of the mainstream.

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